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For a good starting point for understanding voiceover rates, check out the Global Voice Acting Academy's Rate Guide.  

Many factors go into voiceover rates, including:

-Usage: where will the recording be used (TV, radio, web, internal, etc.,) and the duration of its use


-Market: what is the size of the market/audience for the recording


-Exclusivity: does the client require talent to sign an exclusivity contract

-Length of the script

-Audio mixing/mastering and/or file editing/splitting

These are just some of the factors that go into calculating a rate.

When you hire me, you are hiring a voiceover professional who has recorded over one thousand individual projects, who has almost 20 years of recording and audio production experience, whose recording studio and equipment are top-notch, and who will get you the delivery and performance that you want.

Contact me today for a quote for your project!

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