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With over 20 years of experience performing and recording the music industry, I can provide you with the precise soundtrack, background music, sound effects, and sound editing and mixing for your project.

Instead of hunting online through hundreds of playlists searching for the perfect sound for your project, I can compose a custom piece specifically for your project.

Seumus plays many instrumentsinstruments and has a fully equipped recording studio at his disposal, including the Universal Audio Apollo MkII Duo, many mics, Schecter basses, guitars including Fender and Guild, and the entire suite of Logic Pro X plug-ins and sounds. 


Whether you need a driven electronic track, or something more folksy, sound effects or a soundtrack for your video game or documentary, I will custom write it and record it for you. Contact me today for all your audio production needs today. 


Music composition and recording rates are similar in structure to voice-over rates. 

Check out some samples down below:

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