My name is Seumus Michael Maley and I am a multi-talented creative professional.

I started performing at a very young age, including school band and church choir, and then I branched out into competitive debate and speech competitions in high school. For more than a decade, I worked as a professional bass player, vocalist, rapper, performer, and occasional event host.  It was here, in over 2500 performances, one album, and many studio sessions with other musicians that I honed the skills that make me such an effective performer, creator, and collaborator.

I still write and record music, but I now include voice-over as one of my passions. My naturally deep and richly timbered voice conveys an immediate sense of authority, trustworthiness, sincerity, and depth, but also a realness because it is my real voice. I excel at a host of delivery styles including narrator: conversational, friendly, sarcastic, humorous, over-the-top...I'm always up for a challenge, and always ready to send a client an audition.


I am also always eager to team up with clients for direct input while recording. A directed session always makes everything easier because it allows us to collaborate together. 

I am available to record Monday through Saturday from morning to evening.

My clients include Epson, Themo Fisher, Lenovo, Esri, August Jackson, The Jackson Laboratory, PXG, Bitfury, Tula Technology, GenCell, Trimble, Coldwell Banker, Polycom, and Dude Solutions.

Contact me today for your voice-over needs!


I also provide background music writing and recording, soundtrack composition and recording, and audio mixing and mastering. Instead of hunting through hundreds of tracks online, let me compose a custom piece of music for you.